Born in the bustling New York City and inspired by California's relaxed beaches and Lifestyle, Brisa Borges starts the Ecofriendly La La Land Beachwear in 2018, bringing a broad concept of freedom, sensuality and urban aesthetics.

Aligned with a cosmopolitan and contemporary soul, the brand translates by its silhouettes, the desire to emphasize the self-esteem of women who seek the affirmation of their real beauty, from a conscious outlook.

The brand is committed to a humane and sustainable production.
Our collections are produced with ecological fabric, biodegradable and long lasting.
When correctly disposed, the fabric decomposes in only three years, unlike the great majority, which can take up to 200 years.

It was thinking about sustainability, femininity and a possible path to change, that we also opted for biodegradable labels. These come with Clarquia Flower seeds, pressed into their paper, being then plantable, decorative and non-disposable.

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USA: +1(310) 562-0395

Whatsapp Brazil : +55 (31) 973233554