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From the initial spark in Shireen’s mind, to the first sketches, to the hand painting brush strokes, to the insane abstract graphics, and then stitching it all together, each Lala Land print comes from a very special crew of talented artists – a community of love that is continuously growing.

Lala Land is always looking to collaborate with new artists, graphic designers, tattoo artists and textile fiends in order to take the brand to new realms! Digitally printed to create all the magical fabric used to make each original piece.

Joseph Homopatico

Textile Artist

Joseph is an eccentric textile artist hailing from Italy. His vibrant mind and way of thinking has created the most amazing futuristic prints. Each piece is unique and brimming with imagination, his work is truly something out of this world. There is method to his madness and this has translated into some unbelievably beautiful art within our collection.

Lou La

Textile Designer

Lou La is a textile designer from the UK. She likes to draw the beautiful and the obscure and digitally transform them into unique prints. She loves colour and finds it hard to choose a favourite – maybe somewhere between minty luscious greens and coral pinks! Lou La is inspired by travels and vintage treasures.

Lala Unicorn

Founder and Creator

The founder and creator of Lala Land! Shireen had a love for drawing and colouring in at a very young age! Having studied years later in Desktop Publishing, this opened up the desire for wanting to explore more and more into the depths of the magical rainbow! Flying around through fabrics and trims and inspired by travels, Shireen discovered her passion to draw and create unique designs.

Osnat Almog

Contemporary Artist

Osnat is a local Sydney artist with an incredible flair for contemporary art. For Osnat, art is the ultimate form of self-expression and believes it allows expression in the most natural state. Art is a form of visual communication, and Osnat is passionate about creativity and imagination for this reason. She holds a BA in Fine Art (NAS) and a Master of Art (COFA) and is an exhibiting contemporary artist.

Emily Copp

Contemporary Jewellery Designer

Emily is currently in her final year of studying the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design
at the creative hub which is the Design Centre Enmore – one of Australia’s best known design

Emily was our first Jewellery designer on board to help create the 2014 ‘Creatures’ silver charms. With hours of hard work and plenty of late nights, Emily worked super hard to produce some incredible pieces that adorn on all the swimwear in the ‘Creatures’ range.